About Me

I have extensive experience of working with people with a broad range of issues including depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, anger, OCD, intrusive thoughts, eating disorders, sleep disorders, trauma, and childhood abuse.

I work both in private practice and in the NHS as a Clinical Team Leader and counsellor. I offer confidential face-to-face psychotherapy and counselling from my rooms in Kentish Town, north London. I also offer group and individual supervision.

About Therapy

By providing a safe place to talk, my aim is to help people to gain greater understanding of why they feel and behave the way they do, and to learn how to manage their lives differently. Through a psychoanalytic approach I aim to support you to find ways to address unconscious thoughts that can lead to frustrating and repetitive behavioural patterns that can keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your full potential. I believe that by getting to know and accept our real selves we increase our chances of reaching our full potential and leading the life we most want to live.

My first training was as a journalist, and I have retained a strong interest in communication. Powerful feelings such as sadness, worthlessness, emptiness and disconnection can effect the way we present ourselves and the way we react to others. I see psychotherapy as a collaborative process in which I work together with my clients to build a therapeutic relationship and work on the things they would most like to improve in their lives.